1st Page Rankings In 6 Months for This Rent To Own Homes Website


Organic Traffic Growth


Top 10 Keyword Rankings

6 mos.

Campaign Runtime

Rent To Own Homes

Organic Search Growth

25,000% from 0%

Keyword Rankings

195 from 0

Top 10 Keywords


Services Availed

Keyword Research

Content Writing

Website Redesign & Migration

Link Building

The client is a real estate agent operating in two US states. He sells homes via a rent-to-own program.

It should be noted that when this company engaged with me they started from a botched website - we built his new website from the ground up, did keyword research, wrote content, and built links.

One more thing - this client is working with a shoestring budget. This is almost beyond my minimum allowable budget, but after a free strategy session, it seemed like an exciting project so I took it.


Website Redesign

We started from a new domain and built the website via our Thrive Themes web design service.

  • Redesigned the homepage and inner pages, including the blog, how it works pages, etc.
  • Conversion-focused layout. We want visitors to book a call or send an application.
  • We decided that a simple design will suffice. We want to focus on ranking the website quickly.


Keyword Research: Keyword research was fairly easy. We targeted "rent to own homes in [suburb]". There are 24 suburbs in total so we created a page for each one.

Content: Each suburb page has a directory of available homes. To avoid thin content penalties or turning these pages into doorway pages, we wrote informational content for each suburb with data like average annual income, list of nearby schools and hospitals were added to the end of the page to provide extra info.

On-page SEO: We used SurferSEO to ensure that content quality is better than the current top 10. We also followed on-page SEO best practices.

Link Building

Since the website is new, we started by building a few directory links

While the website is running on a shoestring budget, that didn't prevent us from securing decent guest post links.

The Results

  • 67 top 10 keyword rankings in 6 months
  • 10 natural medium-authority links
page 1 rankings

DR 59

Max DR secured


Links Acquired


Average cost of link

The website has so much potential to be an authority in the space. There were plans to publish more blog articles and target informational keywords. Unfortunately, the downturn of the US economy in 2022 abruptly halted this campaign. 

Final Thoughts

Search Engine Optimization should be incorporated in every stage of marketing, including the website building process. With this approach, we managed to rank for high-value terms within just six months, even with significant budget constraints.